Welcome to Quality Strategic Decisons Ltd. a New Zealand management consulting service

Quality Strategic Decisions Ltd – Core Services

QSD Ltd is the company through which John Pearce provides consulting services in 5 main areas

1. Strategic Decision Support

Training and support in using an international decision-making methodology for irreversible strategic decisions made in contexts of uncertainty.

2. Competitive Bid Optimisation

Training and support in estimating the best bid value (whether buying goods or selling services) using available market intelligence.

3. Research Project Evaluation & Research Portfolio Management.

Provision of a methodology to evaluate research proposals, and monitor research projects, to maximise the value of a research portfolio.

4. Timber Industry Business & operations Consulting.

Due diligence evaluations, and operational and business consulting for the timber industry –especially sawmilling and panel products.

5. Commercial Intelligence Systems

Creation of information collection systems for decision making of market & commercial intelligence.

6. Strategy development

Simple “back to basics” strategy development tools and facilitation for developing and reviewing sound business strategies.

7. Career Choices

Applying the strategic decision-making tools to individual career choices.  Helping individuals make the best career choices.

8. General Management

Management consulting support to the full range of general management issues.

Relevant Experience

John Pearce has worked for 40 years in the Steel; Panel Products; and Wood Processing Industries. He has had consulting, general management, engineering & operational line management experience; and strategic planning responsibility for a $100m p.a. sales business.  He has used strategic decision-making methodologies successfully in strategic planning & major development project decision-making, and has adapted these processes for medium sized New Zealand businesses.

John has a particular interest in business culture and business cultural change.

Since founding Quality Strategic Decisions in 1997, John has applied decision  analysis methods to decision-making in the forestry, processing, & chemicals manufacturing industries, and with government & regional entities.  He has also carried out strategic marketing, cultural change, and general management projects.

John combines the skills & experience of a career in major N.Z. corporates, service as a territorial officer in the SAS Regiment, and the communication techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in guiding & supporting clients through the opportunity identification & decision-making process and managemetn change processes.



You can contact John by Email at John@qsd.co.nz, or by phone at +64 9 52 03 900